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April 7, 2002
North Saanich Rod and Gun Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 419-32x 467-18x 590-32x 1476-82x
Distinguished Master        
Victor C. 416-32x 467-12x 583-34x 1466-78x
Steve C. 411-23x 448-07x 575-25x 1434-55x
Dom P. 413-25x 465-21x 580-28x 1458-74x
Vi W. 407-14x 452-12x 574-18x 1433-44x
Des D. 413-16x 452-12x 560-18x 1425-46x
Clark M. 410-20x 431-09x 563-20x 1404-49x
Peter K. 404-19x 431-01x 543-17x 1378-37x
Darcy G. 359-01x 437-06x 545-09x 1341-15x
Duty Pistol        
Dom P. 1467-86x      
Steve T. 1437-45x      
Darcy G. 1417-44x      
Peter K. 1387-29x      
Victor and Peter 1037-53x      
Clark and Darcy 1031-23x      
Stephen and Dom 1018-59x      
Steve and Vi 1014-50x      
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