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April 13, 2002
North Saanich Rod and Gun Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 419-26x 456-16x 595-37x 1470-79x
Distinguished Master        
Dom P. 416-23x 456-15x 586-35x 1458-73x
Bob M. 418-26x 444-11x 574-15x 1436-52x
Darcy G. 402-20x 416-09x 566-18x 1384-47x
Peter K. 401-20x 445-09x 537-19x 1383-48x
Clark M. 407-12x 433-03x 535-14x 1375-29x
Walter R. 316-05x 368-02x 421-08x 1105-15x
Duncan R. 390-14x 415-05x 539-14x 1344-33x
Richard J. 374-10x 329-01x 412-05x 1115-16x
Duty Pistol        
Dom P. 469-28x 406-18x 591-39x 1466-85x
Steve T. 441-12x 406-23x 588-32x 1435-67x
Lonny O. 463-17x 386-17x 582-29x 1431-63x
Darcy G. 456-16x 383-04x 546-08x 1385-28x
Dom and Duncan 1068-47x      
Lonny and Darcy 1037-31x      
Stephen and Peter 1006-43x      
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