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April 11, 2004
North Saanich Rod and Gun Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 417-31x 466-17x 589-37x 1472-85x
Grand Master        
Rob W. 381-08x 416-05x 556-18x 1353-31x
Brent R. 369-05x 336-03x 461-03x 1166-11x
Distinguished Master        
Dom P. 415-26x 442-09x 589-27x 1446-62x
Gerry V. 414-24x 456-10x 575-20x 1445-54x
Grant H. 403-13x 435-10x 569-19x 1407-42x
Clark M. 419-21x 442-09x 528-21x 1389-51x
Richard J. 402-11x 426-08x 545-16x 1373-35x
Duane Y. 309-13x 326-02x 451-09x 1086-24x
Duty Pistol        
Steve T. 474-22x 414-21x 591-29x 1479-72x
Dom P. 464-26x 411-21x 585-33x 1460-80x
Richard J. 423-08x 364-04x 532-06x 1319-18x
Grant H. 435-15x 330-03x 543-08x 1308-26x
Brent R. 456-12x 342-04x 498-12x 1296-28x
Gerry and Richard 1031-46x      
Steve and Grant 995-50x      
Dom and Brent 973-33x      
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