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April 9, 2006
North Saanich Rod and Gun Club
Match Winner        
Dom P. 418-23x 464-16x 593-38x 1475-77x
Grand Master        
Steve T. 419-30x 468-19x 587-31x 1474-80x
Distinguished Master        
Perry S. 416-31x 457-10x 573-24x 1446-65x
Steve C. 409-21x 444-18x 566-16x 1419-55x
Darcy G. 412-22x 458-09x 579-22x 1449-53x
Gerry V. 413-24x 459-11x 567-27x 1439-62x
Vi W. 396-18x 453-09x 562-10x 1411-37x
Chad B. 412-19x 406-08x 567-22x 1385-49x
Grant H. 416-18x 449-10x 574-22x 1439-50x
PC M. 406-17x 439-09x 554-11x 1399-37x
Richard J. 406-20x 420-04x 540-08x 1366-32x
James W. 393-08x 443-09x 558-19x 1394-36x
Mike D. 377-10x 364-07x 535-12x 1276-29x
Dave B. 393-09x 337-03x 462-12x 1192-24x
Duane Y. 378-09x 337-06x 545-08x 1260-23x
Duty Pistol        
Dom P. 473-32x 410-23x 592-44x 1475-99x
Perry S. 473-23x 409-15x 585-24x 1467-62x
Steve T. 474-28x 412-18x 580-26x 1466-72x
Darcy G. 463-25x 390-16x 573-20x 1426-61x
Richard J. 443-12x 384-04x 553-10x 1380-26x
James W. 446-10x 310-01x 503-04x 1259-15x
Mike D. 370-06x 333-03x 477-08x 1180-17x
James & Darcy 1043-47x      
Steve & Grant 1022-65x      
Gerry & PC 1021-45x      
Richard & Perry 1020-49x      
Dom & Mike 1008-51x      
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