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April 15, 2007
North Saanich Rod and Gun Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 419-34x 472-19x 597-41x 1488-94x
Grand Master        
Dom P. 419-29x 467-17x 590-36x 1476-82x
Chris T. (unc) 212-01x 175-01x 330-02x 717-04x
Distinguished Master        
Victor C. 416-24x 437-13x 583-29x 1436-66x
Steve C. 414-26x 446-05x 567-20x 1427-51x
Darcy G. 410-17x 458-14x 579-25x 1447-56x
Chad B. 416-19x 445-08x 581-23x 1442-50x
Vi W. 402-11x 443-05x 559-23x 1404-29x
Richard J. 388-13x 387-05x 554-16x 1329-34x
Clark M. 407-21x 344-07x 569-23x 1320-51x
Robin J. 414-21x 372-09x 543-21x 1329-34x
Mike D. 408-17x 387-02x 534-15x 1329-34x
Dave B. 393-12x 396-05x 506-13x 1295-30x
Duty Pistol        
Steve T. 473-27x 407-15x 591-36x 1471-78x
Dom P. 465-25x 401-05x 583-28x 1449-58x
Robin J. 466-16x 383-08x 561-17x 1410-41x
Darcy G. 466-09x 373-03x 568-13x 1407-25x
Richard J. 400-05x 302-03x 524-11x 1226-19x
Richard & Robin 1026-40x      
Victor & Mike 1017-43x      
Steve & Darcy 999-51x      
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