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April 13, 2008
North Saanich Rod and Gun Club
Match Winner    
Steve T. 420-30x475-23x585-31x1480-84x
Grand Master     
Dom P.420-31x467-14x590-31x1477-76x
Distinguished Master     
Victor C.415-21x455-11x589-27x1459-59x
Darcy G.414-18x457-12x580-29x1451-59x
Steve C.411-24x448-08x579-27x1438-59x
Celeste F.412-21x454-12x580-30x1446-63x
Gerry V.409-23x437-08x567-19x1413-50x
Vi W.403-15x443-10x550-17x1396-42x
Clark M.402-14x432-06x565-21x1399-41x
Richard J.400-10x425-05x545-12x1370-27x
Duty Pistol    
Steve T.477-31x411-16x587-17x1475-64x
Dom P.464-18x397-12x583-18x1444-48x
Darcy G.460-12x314-14x574-14x1348-40x
Richard J.445-10x333-02x529-11x1307-23x
Steve & Darcy1006-48x   
Victor, Gerry, and Clark988-45x   
Richard & Dom985-53x   
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