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August 9, 2003
Victoria Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Dom P. 415-22x 470-23x 590-34x 1475-79x
Grand Master        
Steve T. 418-27x 462-23x 591-40x 1471-90x
Distinguished Master        
Steve C. 413-24x 457-10x 578-27x 1448-61x
Chad B. 416-27x 452-12x 590-34x 1458-73x
Bob M. 418-27 453-10x 581-29x 1452-66x
Vi W. 410-19 441-12x 579-27x 1430-58x
Clark M. 408-15x 442-06x 558-17x 1408-38x
Paul T. 409-26x 429-04x 568-12x 1406-37x
Darcy G. 412-17x 435-06x 559-14x 1406-37x
Dave B. 389-11x 356-02x 490-13x 1235-26x
Richard J. 387-05x 380-02x 509-11x 1276-18x
Duane Y. 270-05x 242-00x 404-05x 916-10x
Distinguished Revolver        
Steve T. 581-26x      
Dom P. 580-34x      
Bob M. 574-26x      
Chad B. 574-20x      
Richard J. 436-04x      
Duane Y. 347-04x      
Distinguished Semi-Auto        
Dom P. 574-31x      
Steve T. 571-23x      
Darcy G. 498-07x      
Bob M. 494-19x      
Duty Pistol        
Dom P. 472-27x 410-21x 588-39x 1470-87x
Steve T. 474-31x 398-20x 586-35x 1458-86x
Bob M. 462-20x 376-05x 582-20x 1420-45x
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