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August 6, 2005
Victoria Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Dom P. 415-26x 462-14x 586-28x 1463-68x
Grand Master        
Steve T. 418-35x 456-12x 588-30x 1462-77x
Distinguished Master        
Victor C. 414-22x 458-11x 589-31x 1461-64x
Steve C. 414-23x 450-12x 577-25x 1441-60x
Darcy G. 416-15x 453-12x 572-16x 1441-43x
Vi W. 398-18x 427-07x 516-10x 1341-35x
Richard J. 394-15x 325-03x 513-10x 1232-28x
JR W. 388-11x 402-06x 454-12x 1244-29x
Robin J. 370-06x 267-02x 521-11x 1158-19x
Distinguished Revolver        
Dom P. 582-33x      
Steve T. 581-23x      
Victor C. 575-26x      
Darcy G. 551-09x      
JR W. 512-14x      
Richard J. 431-06x      
Distinguished Semi-Auto        
Dom P. 579-18x      
Steve T. 568-20x      
Darcy G. 505-12x      
Richard J. 491-09x      
Robin J. 419-04x      
Duty Pistol        
Dom P. 454-19x 390-16x 568-28x 1412-63x
Richard J. 467-15x 327-00x 542-12x 1336-27x
Robin J. 437-06x 331-00x 503-06x 1271-12x
JR W. 315-05x 305-03x 475-14x 1095-22x
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