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December 15, 2001
Nanaimo Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 419-34x 457-19x 588-33x 1464-86x
Jim C. 413-22x 452-08x 575-25x 1440-55x
Dom P. 403-13x 449-14x 563-13x 1415-40x
Gerry V. 404-17x 433-07x 550-17x 1387-41x
Bob M. 411-14x 451-08x 561-24x 1423-46x
Vi W. 409-17x 443-07x 567-25x 1419-49x
Paul T. 409-21x 403-03x 557-22x 1369-46x
Dale M. 387-15x 286-05x 451-11x 1124-31x
Distinguished Revolver        
Vi W. 565-20x      
Bob M. 562-20x      
Dom P. 556-14x      
Jim C. 544-19x      
Steve T. 540-14x      
Gerry V. 515-05x      
Distinguished Semi-Auto        
Dom P. 566-28x      
Steve T. 507-16x      
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