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December 16, 2006
Nanaimo Fish and Game Club
Match Winner        
Dom P. 420-31x 468-20x 592-36x 1480-87x
Grand Master        
Steve T. 417-31x 468-19x 594-35x 1479-85x
Distinguished Master        
Steve C. 413-23x 463-16x 569-23x 1445-62x
Vi W. 405-18x 441-06x 572-17x 1418-41x
Gerry V. 409-16x 434-06x 557-24x 1400-46x
Duty Pistol        
Steve T. 476-30x 406-19x 593-32x 1475-81x
Dom P. 471-23x 396-12x 578-35x 1445-70x
Dist Semi-Auto        
Dom P. 576-28x      
Steve T. 563-22x      
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