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December 8, 2007
Nanaimo Fish and Game Club
Match Winner        
Dom P. 418-29x 472-16x 593-31x 1483-76x
Grand Master        
Steve T. 419-27x 468-16x 589-33x 1476-76x
Distinguished Master        
Steve C. 408-19x 446-13x 565-28x 1419-60x
Chad B. 409-24x 450-09x 575-30x 1434-63x
Vi W. 405-13x 441-06x 571-20x 1417-39x
Gerry V. 405-19x 428-06x 561-19x 1394-44x
PC M. 397-11x 367-04x 539-10x 1303-25x
John W. 404-10x 445-11x 557-15x 1406-36x
Mike D. 396-10x 383-03x 494-14x 1273-27x
Dave B. 375-09x 325-03x 457-09x 1157-21x
Walter R. 377-11x 350-02x 424-08x 1151-21x
Duty Pistol        
Steve T. 472-27x 406-20x 582-30x 1460-77x
Dom P. 473-21x 396-09x 588-30x 1457-60x
John W. 461-18x 368-02x 559-09x 1388-29x
Walter R. 408-02x 239-02x 348-05x 995-09x
Dist Semi-Auto        
Steve T. 573-26x      
Dom P. 551-21x      
Walter R. 243-04x      
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