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February 18, 2006
Victoria Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Darcy G. 415-21x 460-14x 573-27x 1448-62x
Grand Master        
Dom P. 415-23x 346-09x 578-25x 1339-57x
Ryan M. (unc) 263-06x 214-00x 341-08x 818-14x
Clark M. 405-10x 431-06x 556-18x 1392-34x
Richard J. 379-07x 415-05x 536-09x 1330-21x
James W. 401-15x 410-01x 533-16x 1344-32x
Mike D. 397-15x 393-05x 360-15x 1150-35x
Darcy G. & Mike D. 993-32x      
Richard J. & Dom P. 984-49x      
Distinguished Semi-Auto        
Dom P. 509-14x      
Richard J. 411-06x      
Duty Pistol        
Dom P. 473-23x 409-17x 586-30x 1468-70x
Richard J. 448-11x 342-01x 535-07x 1325-19x
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