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February 3, 2007
Victoria Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 419-29x 468-21x 585-27x 1472-77x
Grand Master        
Dom P. 417-31x 464-16x 591-29x 1472-76x
Distinguished Master        
Steve C. 410-27x 458-16x 577-27x 1445-70x
Chad B. 410-17x 435-05x 568-21x 1413-43x
Vi W. 399-13x 438-08x 576-19x 1413-40x
Darcy G. 410-17x 457-15x 387-13x 1254-45x
Richard J. 379-11x 389-03x 447-13x 1215-27x
Dave B. 398-13x 370-05x 526-05x 1294-23x
Ryan M. 402-16x 400-10x 522-18x 1324-44x
Darcy G. & Dom P. 1018-58x      
Richard J. & Steve T. 935-44x      
Distinguished Semi-Auto        
Steve T. 574-22x      
Dom P. 565-21x      
Richard J. 524-09x      
Duty Pistol        
Steve T. 477-33x 410-19x 591-37x 1478-89x
Dom P. 476-33x 405-17x 584-28x 1465-78x
Richard J. 462-19x 370-08x 551-13x 1383-40x
Ryan M. 456-13x 363-01x 531-03x 1350-17x
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