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January 17, 2004
Nanaimo Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Dom P. 412-22x 467-16x 590-33x 1469-71x
Distinguished Master        
Victor C. 414-23x 465-09x 586-30x 1465-62x
Steve C. 412-24x 458-12x 587-31x 1457-67x
Vi W. 411-18x 457-14x 567-11x 1435-43x
Gerry V. 407-17x 449-12x 573-22x 1429-51x
Mike B. 402-20x 423-05x 548-14x 1373-39x
Clark M. 409-19x 445-09x 572-18x 1426-46x
Darcy G. 411-22x 449-06x 564-19x 1424-47x
Paul T. 403-13x 443-06x 576-19x 1422-38x
Duncan R. 406-18x 443-12x 564-26x 1413-56x
Richard J. 366-11x 434-07x 530-13x 1330-31x
Walter R. 388-10x 344-03x 529-12x 1261-25x
Grant H. 387-11x 412-04x 534-14x 1333-29x
Mike I. 395-07x 372-03x 485-13x 1252-23x
Duty Pistol        
Dom P. 470-32x 406-18x 582-36x 1458-86x
Lonny O. 458-12x 385-02x 565-19x 1408-33x
Steve C. 407-06x 382-07x 567-12x 1356-25x
Duncan R. 444-08x 373-04x 521-08x 1338-20x
Richard J. 452-12x 320-07x 513-07x 1285-26x
Darcy G. 440-09x 290-02x 498-06x 1228-17x
Snub Nose        
Vi W. 583-24x      
Victor C. 581-20x      
Dom P. 578-23x      
Richard J. 542-09x      
Walter R. 400-06xx      
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