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Monthly Approved CPCA Match

July 14, 2001
Nanaimo Fish & Game Club
Match Winner
Steve T. 417-34x 471-27x 588-35x 1476-96x
Grand Master
Lonny O. (unc.) 382-09x 311-00x 437-10x 1130-19x
Distinguished Master
Steve C. 412-24x 447-12x 566-23x 1425-59x
Chad B. 412-23x 452-06x 574-27x 1438-56x
Mike B. 409-17x 421-11x 557-20x 1387-48x
Paul T. 414-21x 450-04x 567-21x 1431-46x
Vi W. 411-22x 439-09x 576-24x 1426-55x
Bob M. 408-20x 422-08x 533-18x 1363-46x
Willy L. 397-14x 384-03x 508-08x 1289-25x
Dom P. 399-10x 403-06x 565-12x 1367-28x
Dave B. 383-08x 389-08x 547-14x 1319-30x
Walter R. 400-13x 323-01x 517-12x 1240-26x
Distinguished Revolver Snub Nose
Steve T. 578-24x Dom P. 581-31x
Chad B. 575-25x Steve C. 579-25x
Bob M 565-21x Steve T. 572-21x
Paul T. 544-15x Walter R. 375-04x
Dom P. 536-18x
Dave B. 520-18x
Walter R. 478-11x
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