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July 12, 2003
Nanaimo Fish and Game Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 417-26x 467-18x 590-28x 1474-72x
Grand Master        
Mark S. (unc) 334-13x 340-01x 527-12x 1201-26x
Distinguished Master        
Dom P. 417-28x 462-18x 591-29x 1470-75x
Chad B. 416-25x 470-20x 577-24x 1463-69x
Bob M. 415-24x 459-17x 580-28x 1454-69x
Paul T. 399-16x 448-15x 577-22x 1424-53x
Darcy G. 406-14x 442-11x 552-15x 1400-40x
David D. 409-21x 422-05x 561-13x 1392-39x
Dave B. 390-07x 365-04x 503-13x 1258-24x
Walter R. 393-04x 283-01x 447-07x 1123-12x
Richard J. 337-07x 369-05x 474-10x 1180-22x
Duty Pistol        
Steve T. 471-30x 408-18x 587-31x 1466-79x
Dom P. 474-30x 397-21x 589-33x 1460-84x
Darcy G. 414-09x 382-06x 556-12x 1352-27x
Fixed Sight        
Steve T. 574-27x      
Dom P. 569-20x      
Bob M. 538-05x      
Darcy G. 510-06x      
Walter R. 305-02x      
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