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July 23, 2005
Nanaimo Fish and Game Club
Match Winner        
Darcy G. 411-20x 457-12x 577-27x 1445-59x
Distinguished Master        
Steve C. 418-25x 446-19x 578-26x 1442-70x
Vi W. 402-13x 448-11x 568-19x 1418-43x
Mike B. 398-13x 416-10x 561-13x 1375-36x
Richard J. 397-15x 407-03x 533-15x 1337-33x
JR W. 395-06x 392-03x 529-19x 1316-28x
Walter R. 395-11x 393-03x 505-12x 1293-26x
Fixed Sight        
Steve C. 534-15x      
Richard J. 444-09x      
Walter R. 325-05x      
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