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July 12, 2008
Nanaimo Fish and Game Club
Match Winner    
Dom P. 419-29x468-24x588-32x1475-85x
Grand Master    
Barry D. 418-27x464-17x592-36x1474-80x
Steve T. 417-33x466-22x584-31x1467-86x
Distinguished Master    
Darcy G. 409-15x458-13x575-22x1442-50x
Victor C. 412-20x401-03x564-23x1377-46x
Vi W.411-23x437-03x568-19x1416-45x
Richard J.377-12x407-01x524-13x1308-26x
John W.393-11x399-01x500-09x1292-21x
Walter R.360-12x304-01x458-10x1122-23x
Duty Pistol    
Dom P.469-26x403-14x588-36x1460-76x
Steve T.471-27x407-17x578-26x1456-70x
John W.457-13x375-04x528-08x1360-25x
Richard J.455-16x276-03x504-09x1235-28x
Walter R.332-03x279-01x449-09x1060-13x
Distinguished Revolver    
Steve T.584-28x   
Dom P.583-35x   
Vi W.572-20x   
Victor C.571-20x   
Darcy G.563-18x   
John W.499-10x   
Richard J.453-07x   
Snub Nose    
Dom P.583-28x   
Victor C.581-27x   
Steve T.579-25x   
Vi W.557-14x   
Richard J.516-07x   
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