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Monthly Approved CPCA Match

June 10, 2001
North Saanich Rod & Gun Club
Match Winner
Steve T. 418-31x 474-20x 587-33x 1479-84x
Distinguished Master
Victor C. 417-23x 459-14x 588-30x 1464-67x
Chad B. 411-20x 448-12x 575-24x 1434-56x
Paul T. 410-20x 444-11x 572-24x 1426-55x
Des D. 405-12x 446-04x 559-20x 1410-36x
Bob M. 397-16x 415-06x 552-10x 1364-32x
Dom P. 402-09x 436-13x 514-21x 1352-43x
Dave B. 395-14x 376-04x 505-10x 1276-28x
Distinguished Revolver Distinguished Semi Auto
Steve T. 584-32x Victor C. 560-11x
Victor C. 574-22x Steve T. 546-20x
Bob M. 571-23x Dom P. 537-11x
Chad B. 566-21x Lonny O. 516-11x
Dom P. 565-20x Paul T. 420-16x
Paul T. 542-18x
Dave B. 524-10x
Duty Pistol
Victor C. 1435-37x
Dom P. 1427-71x
Paul T. 1406-56x
Steve T. 1396-44x
Lonny O. 1279-17x



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