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Monthly Approved CPCA Match

June 9, 2002
North Saanich Rod & Gun Club
Match Winner
Steve T. 419-32x 469-21x 588-34x 1476-87x
Grand Master
Dick M. 407-16x 405-05x 568-21x 1370-42x
Distinguished Master
Victor C. 418-24x 459-15x 590-30x 1467-69x
Dom P. 410-22x 455-14x 592-35x 1457-71x
Bob M. 412-18x 430-04x 572-21x 1414-43x
Clark M. 408-12x 435-06x 565-24x 1408-42x
Des D. 402-13x 417-03x 566-22x 1385-38x
Darcy G. 397-06x 312-05x 517-04x 1226-15x
Distinguished Revolver Distinguished Semi Auto
Dom P. 580-21x Steve T.. 573-23x
Victor C. 579-28x Dom P. 562-28x
Steve T. 579-23x
Bob M.. 572-23x
Duty Pistol
Dom P. 467-26x 405-21x 584-36x 1456-83x
Steve T. 467-24x 407-18x 581-29x 1455-71x
Bob M. 447-05x 378-06x 528-13x 1353-24x
Darcy G.. 461-23x 361-04x 497-10x 1319-37x
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