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Monthly Approved CPCA Match

June 8, 2003
North Saanich Rod & Gun Club
Match Winner
Steve T. 419-32x 462-20x 587-25x 1468-77x
Grand Master
Dom P. (challenge) 415-27x 460-14x 576-26x 1451-57x
Distinguished Master
Bob M. (challenge) 416-24x 444-13x 576-18x 1436-55x
Chad B. 417-19x 445-11x 578-26x 1440-56x
Dave B. 376-11x 352-02x 495-10x 1223-23x
Duncan R. 400-14x 361-02x 544-19x 1305-35x
Richard J. 394-07x 401-03x 432-06x 1227-16x
Distinguished Revolver Distinguished Semi Auto
Dom P. 587-32x Bob M. 556-19x
Steve T. 580-34x Dom P. 553-25x
Bob M. 578-22x Steve T. 553-17x
Chad B. 569-23x Richard J. 482-08x
Duncan R. 549-20x Duncan R. 411-13x
Richard J. 487-06x      
Duty Pistol
Steve T. 462-23x 415-22x 586-28x 1463-73x
Dom P. 465-28x 405-18x 587-34x 1461-80x
Lonny O. 461-08x 392-07x 569-09x 1422-24x
Bob M. 456-19x 390-09x 532-23x 1378-51x
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