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June 8, 2008
North Saanich Rod and Gun Club
Match Winner    
Dom P. 419-30x471-15x586-28x1476-73x
Grand Master    
Steve T. 418-34x469-22x583-34x1470-90x
Distinguished Master    
Victor C. 415-18x450-13x585-35x1450-66x
Steve C. 406-22x459-13x577-22x1442-57x
Chad B.395-23x454-16x576-26x1425-65x
Gerry V.414-27x434-15x569-26x1417-68x
Vi W.408-17x443-07x565-25x1416-49x
Celeste F.404-21x437-04x548-24x1389-49x
Clark M.396-11x436-06x524-11x1356-28x
Mike D.397-12x383-01x540-19x1320-32x
Dave B.362-04x299-01x430-07x1091-12x
Duty Pistol    
Steve T.475-25x406-18x590-34x1471-77x
Dom P.475-18x401-14x584-30x1460-62x
Distinguished Semi Auto    
Dom P.580-22x   
Steve T.575-27x   
Distinguished Revolver    
Victor C.583-28x   
Steve T.581-31x   
Dom P.581-29x   
Gerry V.565-18x   
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