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Monthly Approved CPCA Match

March 17, 2001
Nanaimo Fish & Game Club
Match Winner
Steve T. 418-30x 459-23x 588-34x 1465-87x
Distinguished Master
Steve C. 415-27x 435-04x 580-20x 1430-51x
Victor C. 416-26x 366-14x 587-36x 1369-76x
Gerry V. 415-20x 459-14x 567-24x 1441-58x
Mike B. 410-20x 432-10x 559-25x 1401-55x
Vi W. 408-15x 455-14x 570-21x 1433-50x
Gary D. 410-17x 413-11x 572-24x 1395-52x
Paul T. 400-07x 429-06x 564-14x 1393-27x
Des D. 406-18x 419-02x 557-21x 1382-41x
PC M. 331-13x 229-04x 558-20x 1118-37x
Walter R. 382-06x 377-03x 519-18x 1288-27x
Dom P. 348-09x 395-05x 532-16x 1275-30x
Debby T. 248-05x 353-06x 501-07x 1102-18x
Distinguished Revolver Fixed Sight
Steve T. 579-24x Victor C. 566-16x
Victor C. 578-22x Steve T. 556-20x
Steve C. 575-24x Steve C. 542-14x
Vi W. 564-21x Mike B. 504-04x
Gerry V. 552-15x Des D. 499-13x
Dom P. 529-12x Paul T. 487-12x
Walter R. 528-19x Dom P. 415-06x
Paul T. 453-12x
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