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March 8, 2003
Nanaimo Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 417-25x 466-16x 585-29x 1468-70x
Distinguished Master        
Dom P. 412-24x 460-14x 586-31x 1458-69x
Steve C. 411-22x 459-10x 578-31x 1448-63x
Bob M. 413-19x 459-12x 576-28x 1448-59x
Chad B. 412-21 456-06x 569-19x 1437-46x
Vi W. 395-13 449-07x 580-19x 1424-39x
Darcy G. 392-07x 426-07x 565-10x 1383-24x
Dave B. 363-06x 358-07x 401-08x 1122-21x
Richard J. 372-06x 399-05x 492-04x 1263-15x
Distinguished Revolver        
Dom P.   584-29x    
Bob M.   580-31x    
Steve T.   577-29x    
Steve C.   567-26x    
Vi W..   558-15x    
Chad B.   553-17x    
Dist. Semi-Auto        
Dom P. 559-22x      
Steve T. 546-18x      
Bob M.. 544-18x      
Richard J. 469-14x      
Darcy G. 462-10x      
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