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March 4, 2006
Nanaimo Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Dom P. 420-29x 463-20x 588-27x 1471-76x
Grand Master        
Steve T. 414-28x 465-16x 591-37x 1470-81x
Distinguished Master        
Victor C. 414-20x 458-13x 586-33x 1458-66x
Steve C. 414-26x 455-14x 580-22x 1449-62x
Perry S. 414-22x 354-06x 584-21x 1352-49x
Darcy G. 416-27x 466-17x 572-28x 1454-72x
Vi W. 401-12x 431-08x 564-16x 1396-36x
Chad B. 408-24x 423-12x 558-22x 1389-58x
Clark M. 406-22x 432-09x 567-23x 1405-54x
Richard J. 398-10x 410-04x 540-19x 1348-33x
Mike D. 384-09x 409-03x 499-17x 1292-29x
Walter R. 376-05x 355-04x 484-10x 1215-19x
Dave B. 379-09x 349-02x 423-09x 1151-16x
Duty Pistol        
Dom P. 468-20x 402-17x 586-32x 1456-69x
Steve T. 465-20x 402-19x 584-24x 1451-63x
Perry S. 470-26x 394-06x 582-29x 1446-61x
Darcy G. 464-22x 385-03x 565-27x 1414-52x
Richard J. 450-14x 307-04x 535-06x 1292-24x
Distinguished Revolver        
Dom P.   584-26x    
Perry S.   582-29x    
Steve T.   582-29x    
Chad B.   565-21x    
Walter R.   533-11x    
Victor C.   485-22x    
Richard J.   421-09x    
Dist. Semi-Auto        
Steve T.   567-25x    
Dom P.   565-19x    
Richard J.   539-15x    
Darcy G.   388-09x    
Walter R.   317-06x    
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