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March 10, 2007
Nanaimo Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 417-21x 465-07x 589-37x 1471-65x
Grand Master        
Dom P. 418-34x 460-11x 588-21x 1466-75x
Distinguished Master        
Steve C. 415-25x 450-05x 578-21x 1443-51x
Gerry V. 409-17x 435-08x 568-25x 1412-50x
Vi W. 402-19x 423-04x 565-22x 1390-45x
Clark M. 410-20x 446-03x 572-20x 1428-43x
Richard J. 386-01x 335-03x 485-10x 1206-14x
Mike D. 401-12x 420-07x 520-16x 1341-35x
Walter R. 386-08x 375-01x 521-09x 1282-18x
Duty Pistol        
Steve T. 472-29x 415-15x 580-28x 1467-72x
Dom P. 465-20x 397-18x 585-22x 1447-60x
Richard J. 321-09x 328-05x 532-11x 1181-25x
Distinguished Revolver        
Steve T.   585-28x    
Dom P.   579-29x    
Steve C   558-17x    
Vi W.   548-12x    
Walter R.   535-16x    
Richard J.   483-06x    
Dist. Semi-Auto        
Dom P.   576-26x    
Steve T.   575-34x    
Richard J.   536-12x    
Walter R.   333-06x    
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