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March 8, 2008
Nanaimo Fish & Game Club
Match Winner    
Dom P. 419-28x466-20x584-31x1469-79x
Distinguished Master     
Steve C.415-21x447-12x575-27x1437-60x
Gerry V.416-22x457-12x575-27x1448-61x
Celeste F.406-16x458-11x578-23x1442-50x
Vi W.408-18x422-06x571-27x1401-51x
John W.393-09x449-10x554-13x1396-32x
Richard J.400-11x353-02x504-12x1257-25x
Walter R.378-13x370-04x489-09x1237-26x
Duty Pistol    
Dom P.461-24x378-11x576-16x1415-51x
John W.456-14x372-06x525-15x1353-35x
Richard J.449-11x319-04x480-07x1248-22x
Walter R.376-05x254-04x394-04x1024-13x
Dist. Semi-Auto    
Dom P. 571-13x  
Richard J. 498-11x  
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