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May 1, 2004
Victoria Fish and Game Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 418-35x 471-23x 591-36x 1480-94x
Distinguished Master        
Dom P. 420-26x 460-10x 588-32x 1468-68x
Steve C. 410-22x 460-13x 575-17x 1445-52x
Duncan R. 408-20x 429-10x 571-22x 1408-52x
Vi W. 398-16x 384-03x 547-12 1329-31x
Darcy G. 412-21x 448-10x 564-16x 1424-47x
Grant H. 397-10x 438-08x 557-08x 1392-26x
Richard J. 345-10x 407-11x 559-13x 1311-34x
Lonny O. 390-08x 397-04x 515-14x 1302-26x
Mike I. 392-07x 359-01x 538-11x 1289-19x
Duty Pistol        
Dom P. 469-27x 411-21x 591-37x 1471-85x
Lonny O. 462-16x 392-11x 562-18x 1416-45x
Darcy G. 428-10x 368-08x 546-15x 1342-33x
Grant H. 457-20x 370-08x 493-06x 1320-34x
Richard J. 460-15x 319-01x 518-07x 1297-23x
Duncan R. 406-10x 350-07x 518-08x 1274-25x
Mike I. 390-11x 330-02x 508-08x 1228-21x
Fixed Sight        
Steve T. 585-25x      
Dom P. 554-19x      
Richard J. 521-06x      
Darcy G. 489-07x      
Duncan R. 476-03x      
Grant H. 409-05x      
Mike I. 256-04x      
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