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May 5, 2007
Victoria Fish and Game Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 419-31x 466-19x 588-31x 1473-81x
Grand Master        
Dom P. 417-25x 465-23x 591-28x 1473-76x
Distinguished Master        
Steve C. 414-26x 440-08x 574-25x 1428-59x
Darcy G. 410-25x 460-22x 591-34x 1461-81x
Chad B. 412-18x 456-15x 574-25 1442-58x
Vi W. 408-07x 446-09x 553-14 1407-30x
Dave D. 396-08x 434-07x 532-17x 1362-32x
Dave B. 395-08x 336-08x 461-09x 1192-25x
Walter R. 371-07x 379-00x 491-08x 1241-15x
Chris T. 290-04x 271-01x 370-05x 931-10x
Duty Pistol        
Steve T. 475-35x 412-09x 593-40x 1480-84x
Dom P. 475-34x 403-13x 582-31x 1460-78x
Ryan M. 463-12x 367-02x 555-20x 1385-34x
Fixed Sight        
Steve T. 564-17x      
Chad B. 489-05x      
Dave B. 455-07x      
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