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May 3, 2008
Victoria Fish and Game Club
Match Winner    
Steve T. 420-25x477-27x590-32x1487-84x
Grand Master    
Dom P. 417-23x464-16x587-32x1468-71x
Distinguished Master    
Steve C. 414-27x447-07x581-22x1442-56x
Vi W.409-17x446-10x534-14x1389-41x
John W.400-16x400-04x556-14x1356-34x
Richard J.389-16x390-02x515-20x1294-38x
PC M.404-15x436-04x413-13x1253-32x
Walter R.364-10x317-03x508-13x1189-26x
Duty Pistol    
Steve T.474-26x409-22x593-37x1476-85x
Dom P.472-26x399-13x591-27x1462-66x
John W.452-15x363-09x557-16x1372-40x
Richard J.455-16x307-02x550-17x1312-35x
Walter R.414-05x231-01x287-02x932-08x
Fixed Sight    
Steve T.570-19x   
Dom P.555-14x   
Richard J.465-06x   
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