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November 2, 2002
Victoria Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Dom P. 417-28x 468-13x 579-30x 1464-71x
Grand Master        
Steve T. 419-27x 463-18x 574-24x 1456-69x
Distinguished Master        
Victor C. 415-21x 457-15x 588-30x 1460-66x
Chad B. 414-19x 459-12x 581-24x 1454-57x
Bob M. 411-22x 455-10x 587-31x 1453-63x
Paul T. 399-08x 437-03x 568-21x 1404-32x
Darcy G. 405-15x 399-07x 536-13x 1340-35x
Darren M. 359-07x 393-02x 500-12x 1252-21x
Dave B. 377-08x 337-03x 451-11x 1165-22x
Lonny O. 393-06x 395-05x 514-06x 1302-17x
Bob M. 587-31x -69 518-31x  
Dom P. 583-23x -69 514-23x 1032-54x
Lonny O. 514-06x -00 514-06x  
Darcy G. 536-13x -36 500-13x 1014-19x
Victor C. 580-28x -75 505-28x  
Steve T. 578-31x -85 493-31x 998-59x
Distinguished REvolver        
Bob M. 579-29x      
Dom P. 577-25x      
Steve T. 577-23x      
Victor C. 575-23x      
Duty Pistol        
Steve T. 475-32x 403-19x 591-31x 1469-82x
Dom P. 467-26x 396-08x 582-28x 1445-62x
Bob M. 435-13x 387-04x 539-14x 1361-31x
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