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November 1, 2003
Victoria Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Dom P. 415-25x 464-20x 590-36x 1469-67x
Grand Master        
Steve T. 413-21x 472-17x 584-29x 1469-67x
Distinguished Master        
Steve C. 414-26x 460-14x 582-26x 1456-66x
Gerry V. 410-21x 453-09x 583-32x 1446-62x
Chad B. 416-30x 417-06x 569-32x 1402-68x
Vi W. 399-10x 438-06x 557-16x 1394-32x
Darcy G. 411-17x 439-09x 556-21x 1406-47x
Walter R. 365-06x 373-03x 502-09x 1240-18x
Richard J. 393-10x 432-05x 550-20x 1375-35x
Grant H. 399-14x 399-07x 550-15x 1348-36x
Mike I. 371-08x 382-01x 448-12x 1201-21x
Steve T. & Richard J.       1048-50x
Dom P. & Darcy G.       1024-55x
Gerry V. & Chad B.       1006-45x
Mike I. & Grant H.       961-24x
Distinguished Revolver        
Steve T. 580-29x      
Dom P. 580-24x      
Chad B. 568-16x      
Gerry V. 564-22x      
Darcy G. 535-13x      
Richard J. 483-08x      
Walter R. 472-06x      
Duty Pistol        
Dom P. 473-25x 408-24x 586-30x 1467-79x
Steve T. 478-32x 396-10x 582-35x 1456-77x
Darcy G. 428-06x 379-06x 561-08x 1368-20x
Grant H. 458-17x 352-02x 532-13x 1342-32x
Mike I. 425-05x 354-03x 482-05x 1261-13x
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