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November 6, 2004
Victoria Fish & Game Club
Match Winner        
Steve T. 420-33x 470-23x 593-33x 1483-89x
Grand Master        
Tina C. (unc) 359-01x 303-02x 465-03x 1127-06x
Glenn A. (unc) 384-08x 283-04x 454-07x 1121-19x
Distinguished Master        
Dom P. 420-36x 463-13x 593-33x 1476-82x
Gerry V. 416-22x 446-15x 576-22x 1438-59x
Vi W. 402-14x 441-06x 577-20x 1420-40x
Chad B. 414-25x 444-08x 559-22x 1417-55x
Darcy G. 411-20x 456-09x 578-21x 1445-50x
P.C. M. 407-13x 411-06x 534-22x 1352-41x
Richard J. 337-19x 418-05x 530-08x 1285-32x
Walter R. 386-12x 344-06x 521-15x 1251-33x
Dave B. 387-10x 334-02x 462-02x 1183-14x
Mike D. 334-13x 359-04x 507-13x 1200-30x
Steve T. & Dom P.       1011-69x
Chad B. & Gerry V.       1000-42x
Richard J. & Darcy G.       957-40x
Distinguished Revolver        
Steve T. 587-35x      
Chad B. 559-22x      
Gerry V. 542-15x      
Richard J. 508-05x      
Walter R. 486-15x      
Duty Pistol        
Steve T. 479-32x 413-18x 583-26x 1475-76x
Dom P. 476-32x 412-22x 583-32x 1471-86x
Richard J. 459-22x 357-03x 563-15x 1379-40x
Darcy G. 462-19x 357-03x 542-04x 1361-26x
Glenn A. 442-14x 370-07x 543-06x 1355-27x
Tina C. 354-03x 376-05x 486-05x 1216-13x
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