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November 3, 2007
Victoria Fish & Game Club
Match Winner    
Dom P. 416-20x464-16x597-40x1477-76x
Grand Master     
Steve T.417-29x470-18x586-28x1473-75x
Distinguished Master     
Steve C.417-26x445-09x581-28x1443-63x
Chad B.411-17x454-13x580-31x1445-61x
Vi W.410-24x439-5x546-09x1395-38x
John W.398-13x427-03x568-11x1393-27x
Clark M.405-15x429-09x558-16x1392-40x
Richard J.403-14x384-02x506-11x1293-27x
Dave B.361-04x348-03x514-14x1223-21x
Walter R.398-08x375-01x409-15x1182-24x
Vi W. & Steve C.998-54x   
Walter R. & John W.953-27x   
Dom P., Steve T. & Richard J.933-61x   
Distinguished Revolver    
Dom P.582-33x   
Steve T.576-28x   
Vi W.571-29x   
Steve C.571-25x   
Walter R.528-11x   
John W.521-16x   
Richard J.471-10x   
Duty Pistol        
Steve T. 476-28x 400-13x 581-27x 1457-68x
Dom P. 452-13x 395-06x 581-25x 1428-44x
John W. 462-18x 371-04x 543-16x 1376-38x
Richard J. 414-10x 305-04x 519-11x 1238-25x
Walter R. 395-03x 293-01x 434-08x 1122-12x
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